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Host a live artist painting at your next event

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I'd love to paint for you, with you or in front of your next event. 

How can I help you?


Allow me to capture the magic of your special day with a live art canvas during your ceremony or reception, wedding signs or a commissioned piece for your newly-wed home


Transform your workplace andimpress clients as they enter the office with big bright and bold abstract colours on awall mural, office space or reception art. I can help you celebrate a launch day, cellar door opening, and other events in your corporate space.

Bespoke Home

 Share with me your dreams and visions, the space and place you want to feature the work and I will delight in creating a personalised artwork for your home. I would love to help you celebrate a new home, baby, renovation, family event or renew a space and bring life into a dull corner.

Artistic Listening

In between painting I also lead one on one or small group therapeutic art and creative goal setting workshops. Artistic listening is a process where drawing, doodling and writing is an aid in creative goal setting. Sessions are intended to be relaxed and begin by just chatting about life. Artistic Listening is tailored to your needs, inspired by a positive outcome, and reaching towards achieving your goal - whether that be career or personal goal setting, or getting burdens off your shoulders and onto paper. This service can also include a commissioned artwork inspired by your goal as a constant visual reminder of what you have and will achieve.

What next?

If you would like to learn more about any of these services, I would love to chat with you and collaborate to bring your vision to life, both personally and creatively, with these simple steps:

  1. I will help you map out your goals, dream or vision for the particular project

  2. We will set project goals together and begin the creative process

  3. We will meet mid-project to update each other on where we are at with the goals we have set and reflect on how far we have already come

  4. And a final meeting where you will receive your artwork and share in my joy and excitement for you to continue your journey towards your goals.

Budgeting for Live Art + Bespoke Work

Commission Artworks can be custom created for your space. Select colour themes and sizes to suit your needs and budget. Prices start from $300 for commission projects and $490 for events. Get in touch via the contact box for more information.

the spirit 2.JPG

Bespoke. “custom made”, commissioned, “made to order”.

Designed specifically with you to bring life into the space you  want to transform. Artwork can be commissioned for wedding signs, corporate and office spaces, or custom made for homes or as personalised gifts.

Your requests are welcome and I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your or your company’s specific needs.


Bespoke Work

Wellspring of Life.JPG

live art

Live Art at events is the additional magic and performance that unfolds in the moment of encounter between artist and spectator. Thus your event becomes the gallery and the process becomes the live performance as it responds to the guests and is captured in the painting produced:

Weddings: Allow me to capture the spirit of your wedding day as the bride walks down the aisle, as guests mingle or during your reception.

Homes: Home is where the heart is. My heart seeks to bring something extra special and meaningful to you to the space in your home that needs a lift or splash of brightness.

And everything in between: Dinners, festivals, opening celebrations, personal celebrations or corporate events are all settings in which live art can take place. I am passionate about creating a piece that you will love. Not only because it is personalised but also meaningful to you.

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