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when we unwrapped the artwork it took our breath away



allow me to capture the spirit of the day. As the bride walks down the isle, as the guest mingle and wait or during your reception.

At weddings, conferences, parties and events  I (the artists) and your guests go on a journey together unfolding, translating and transforming the atmosphere of your event into a bold work of art. 

I'm gonna have a think about how to categorise today but at the moment I am thinking 1. Events & live art 2. Commissions. Most things can come under thhose 2 categories. 3. could be coaching but then I was thinking that could also go under commissions because if I make them the artwork with the goal setting/coaching its just another way to come aorund to a commission piece really? what do you think? however i would like that to stand out/be promoted a bit more. 

Life Art is displayed in several locations during the year. Check the listing below to see recent and upcoming exhibitions and residencies.

  • Del'luva Wines, Greenock- December 2017 - July 2018 


  • SALA Festival 'Come Up Higher at Minima Hotel, North Adelaide August 1-31st 2018

  • SALA Festival 'Woodwork' at Travel Associates, Hyde Park. 1-31st August 2018

  • Lindsay Wine estate, Tanunda - January 2019 

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